North America Is Unusually Warm And There Is No Sign Of Winter

North America is experiencing a large volume of warmth, and there are not many signs showing that winter is actually here.

The United States experienced its third-warmest October on record, and warmth has continued through the first third of November. But the biggest anomaly in North America has been seen in Canada where temperatures are 30 degrees warmer than usual.

“On Wednesday, Winnipeg blasted through a 93-year-old weather record,” reported the Winnipeg Free Press. “Environment Canada recorded 25 other places in Manitoba that basked in warmth, toppling records like dominoes.”

About 150 miles northwest of Winnipeg, in McCreary,  the temperature rose to 72 degrees (22 Celsius), surpassing the previous record of 52 (11 Celsius), the Winnipeg Free Press added.

An interesting observation is that many cities in Canada normally have snow fall at this time of the year, but currently it is all bare ground. Some speculate that this is due to the after effects of the El Niño that we have been experiencing. La Niña should help slow the global wind down, which would make it easier for the jet stream to to go through and allow cold air to finally spill over North America.

The recent weather patterns have left many forecasters uncertain about what is going on, and they can’t say for certain when it will break.

“Capital Weather Gang long-range forecasting specialist Matt Rogers thinks the mild pattern will linger over North America for another two weeks, at least, and is reluctant to predict when it might change. “It seems like we have to wait it out until next week to get a better sense as to when it’s going to shift,” he said.”


A massive area of high pressure has developed south of the jet stream over interior Canada and spread out southward over much of the central United States. The intensity of this high-pressure cell is about three standard deviations from normal, or expected to occur just 0.3 percent of the time (assuming a normal distribution).


Slowly and slowly we are starting to experience weather patterns that have not been seen before, or patterns that come out of no where. These are likely to continue as the planet warms due to Global warming. It is imperative that we continue our efforts to slow the output of CO2 into the atmosphere, and look for sustainable energy sources. Please do your part to help our planet. Any action by an individual collectively compounds with every other individuals actions into a huge world wide group that can invoke change in a positive way.

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