If Climate Change Escalates It Could Be “Game Over” Scientist Warn

“New research suggests the Earth’s climate could be more sensitive to greenhouse gases than thought, raising the spectre of an ‘apocalyptic side of bad’ if temperatures rise more than 7C within a lifetime”

The main issue with global warming that not a lot of people think about; is that there is a potential for our planet’s climate to spiral out of control if temperatures hit a specific peak, triggering the kind of runaway global warming that may have turned Venus from a habitable planet into a 460C version of hell. Scientists have long tried to work out how the climate will react over the coming decades to the greenhouse gases humans are pumping into the atmosphere.

“Earths delicate environment works because it stores and regulates the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, Keeping a balance within the ecosystem. Atmospheric CO2  is stored in many places around the world. Oceans absorb it, trees store it in their trunks and use it to grow taller. The ice caps in the Antarctic, Greenland and anywhere else where there is perma-frost—store gaseous CO2 and Methane. ” said Mikolai, the president/CEO of Greenism.

“What happens is, when temperatures rise, more melting occurs, more wildfires occur, oceans begin to heat up and that’s bad news for everyone”

Global temperature spikes cause more CO2 and Methane to be pumped into the atmosphere because it begins to release the CO2 that has been sequestered for hundreds of years in polar ice caps, which in turn begins to heat the planet up even more. Another scary thing is that the polar ice acts as a mirror, reflecting sunlight back into space, when those are melted and gone, the darker ground beneath will begin to heat up causing temperatures to rise even more. Wildfires will become more common releasing the CO2 that is stored in plant material. Eventually the Earth will begin to heat up by itself creating a sort of “snow-ball” effect which will severely alter Earths environments. Due to this , it is very important that we curb global warming before we reach the point of no return.

When the oceans heat up, they also alter the trade winds that circulate around the globe that act as a cooling fan for the equator. When there isn’t a big enough difference in air temperature around the globe, the trade winds around the world will be altered which will also cause drastic changes in various climate ranges in Europe and the rest of the world. Seasons can be greatly altered as well.

(video has been created by independent and shared on Greenism)

Professor Michael Mann, of Penn State University in the US, who led research that produced the famous “hockey stick” graph showing how humans were dramatically increasing the Earth’s temperature, told The Independent the new research appeared “sound and the conclusions quite defensible”.


“And it does indeed provide support for the notion that a Donald Trump presidency could be game over for the climate,” he wrote in an email.

“If Trump makes good on his promises, and the US pulls out of the Paris [climate] treaty, it is difficult to see a path forward to keeping warming below those levels.”

It is important that we stay on our current path and push for sustainable living means. It is very strange that climate skeptics are trying to hinder the worlds progress for renewable energy and it does not make any sense. Even if climate change turns out to be untrue what harm did our worries produce? We are trying to create a better world regardless, striving for sustainable means and clean energy is the future, and it only has a positive outcome regardless of if climate change is real or not.

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