The Meat-free Impossible Burger 2.0 is here

The Meat-free Impossible Burger 2.0 is here

The Impossible Burger first stunned food critics back in 2016, promising a plant based alternative that bleeds and tastes just like real beef. Marketed for meat eaters, the impossible burger’s goal is to replace meat all together and provide an environmentally sustainable option for mankind’s carnivorous appetite.

This year at CES, Impossible Foods unveiled the updated 2.0 burger which is now gluten free and tastes and feels even more like the real thing.

The Impossible patty is now made from soy protein instead of wheat protein— giving it a more “meaty chew” and versatile texture. Unlike the previous recipe, the 2.0 “beef” can now be used in any ground meat dish (dumplings, meatballs, chili etc.) and has the same amount of iron and protein as the same serving of ground beef, with 14 grams of fat and 240 calories per quarter-pound patty.

Patrick O. Brown the founder of Impossible foods stated that the production and consumption of meat is not sustainable with the current population growth. “It’s a rocket ship to environmental apocalypse”. When a Brazilian reported pointed out the country’s famed steakhouses Brown retorted that the country “Used to be famous for the Amazon”

The overall goal for Impossible foods is to completely eliminate animals in the food system, with beef being the first target due to its impact on the environment.

With impossible foods dialing in their plant based “meats” to taste and feel just like real meat, the use for traditional beef should begin to phase out. There would no longer be a logical reason to continue the unsustainable practice of cattle farming.

Did we mention that it’s gluten free?

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