Here Is What We Can Take Away From The Victory Against The Dakota Access Pipeline

Breaking News: The Obama administration and the Army Corps of Engineers have officially denied the easement to cross under Lake Oahe, halting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is a 1,172-mile-long (1,886 km) underground oil pipeline project in the United States. It has been subject to a lot of controversy over the past months in regards to it’s potential impacts on wildlife and the environment.

Environmentalists and Native Americans have spoken against the project stating that the Missouri River might become contaminated in the event of a spill or leak, jeopardizing a source of drinking and irrigation water that affects thousands of people who depend on clean water. They claim that there is a lack of environmental foresight and consideration and that the environmental review that has been performed to analyze the impact of the pipeline on its surroundings was incomplete, claiming that even much smaller, less risky development projects require more rigorous impact analysis than has been completed for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Due to protesters that have occupied the surrounding land and the general public dislike for the project, the Army Corps of Engineers have halted the project.

This historic victory is more than just a victory for the tribes that inhabit the region; It is a victory for the citizens of the United States and the environment. This success shows that when people across the country speak up and protest for what is important and do not succumb to short term gains (that will only harm our future), real change can happen.

The denial of the DAPL brings power to the people and is proof that the government works for us, not the other way around. Greenism thanks the thousands of protesters who stood up and voiced their opinions – thank you for your conservation efforts. We stand by you, and together we can protect our lands and future from policies and projects that only serve to harm the environment while lining the pockets of greedy corporations.

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