Opinel No. 08 Carbon Blade Folding Knife


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Don’t go out into the wilderness without your trusty pocket knife. One of Greenism’s favorite; the Opinel knife is a true tested companion that never lets us down. All proceeds go into environmental conservation work and allows us to continue the important work that we do.

The purchase of this knife contributes to:

  •  City wide beautification projects
  • Planting trees in areas of need with our reforestation projects
  • Spreading awareness on the importance of sustainable living
  • Researching viable methods for curbing city air pollution


Our classic folding knife is a design icon. Simple and beautiful, sharp and durable, the Carbon folding knife is an international bestseller. Tuck it into your pocket for a picnic. Keep it in your desk for workday lunches. Carve into charcuterie, cheese, or a crisp apple, or whittle a stick for campfire s’mores. Opinel knives are designed to stand the test of time; some carry Opinel knives handed down from parents and grandparents. Follow a few simple instructions to ensure your knife lasts for years to come.

You should…

  • Hand-wash or wipe clean your blade after each use
  • Wipe the blade dry
  • Store in a dry place and keep out of damp conditions
  • Expect the wooden handle to swell or contract slightly with use; wood is a living material that can be affected by humidity and atmospheric conditions.
  • If your blade feels stuck, use the “Opinel knock” — rapping the end of the knife on a hard surface — to loosen the blade slightly
  • Grease the metal parts, including the Virobloc locking mechanism, on a regular basis
  • Use a whetstone or other fine-grain natural stone to sharpen your blade. Make sure the blade is dry and clean, and hold the sharpening stone at an approximately 20-degree angle from the blade while sharpening

You should NOT…

  • Put your knife in the dishwasher
  • Leave corrosive materials (like acidic foods) on your blade for extended periods of time
  • Use bleach or chlorine to clean your knife
  • Leave your knife in wet or damp conditions

Versatile in its use, classic in its design and construction, the Opinel No. 8 has been carried — and appreciated — by generations. A classic pocket knife designed to stand the test of time.


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