Barebones No. 6 Field Fixed Knife


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No matter the adventure — wether it be a camping trip, a day hike or an afternoon in your back yard, a knife is almost always handy. This Barebones No.6 field knife is the perfect companion for wherever your journey takes you. Made from 6″ high-carbon steel and a walnut handle this knife will last a lifetime.

All proceeds go into environmental conservation work and allows us to continue the important work that we do.

The purchase of this knife contributes to:

  •  City wide beautification projects
  • Planting trees in areas of need with our reforestation projects
  • Spreading awareness on the importance of sustainable living
  • Researching viable methods for curbing city air pollution


  • Traditional, utility-driven design
  • 6″ high-carbon steel blade
  • Thumb depress for comfortable handling
  • Rich and durable walnut handle
  • Waxed canvas sheath with timeless copper accents


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