People Believe In Climate Change But Not What is Causing It

There’s an overwhelming percentage of climate scientists who agree that the Earth is getting hotter, and it’s due to human caused greenhouse gas pollution. For decades Earth has been warming at a faster than usual rate, and people around the world are already battling with the consequences.

Between 2008 and 2018, the Yale program on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason Center for Climate Change Communication asked more than 22,000 people across the continental U.S, Alaska and Hawaii a series of “agree” or “disagree” questions regarding their attitudes about climate change.

The group finally released the results in an interactive map. Users can sort the results based on multiple filters such as, national average, county, metro area, congressional district, and state. The map is color coded from red and yellow — indicating more than half agreed to the statements to white and blue shades— indicating less than 50 percent agreed.

People seem to agree that climate change is real and that the world is warming, but there is a large population that is unaware that humans are the cause of it. Even with people already suffering from the early stages of climate change, they seem to be unwilling to do anything about it. Typically economically vulnerable groups will be hit with climate change first, as is the case when Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico last summer, leaving the island without power for many months.

Here is the map broken down and some statistics:

(This map shows that the majority of people believe that the Earth is warming.)


(This view shows that many of these people believe that the Earth is getting warmer but don’t believed that it is caused by humans and don’t believe that it is hurting people.)

(97% of climate scientists which is a large majority, recognize the facts behind climate change, yet only 49% of these people know that there is an overwhelming scientific community backing climate change. This shows the success of public deception efforts by conservative think tanks and lobbyists. )

The debate wether climate change is man made or a natural cycle should not be a point of focus. For example with fires in California, nobody really debates what caused the fire, they focus on extinguishing it as fast as possible before it causes millions of dollars in damage. Climate change is no different, other than it seems to be more crafty in the way it causes economical damage. You don’t see so much as an instant scary scenario because it comes in the form of waves and is spread out (i.e hurricanes, heat waves,blizzards, fires etc). which can be seen as their own individual scenarios and not all necessarily linked to one parent issue. But, they will only get worse and it should be taken as seriously as a wild fire because it can cause issues for not just this generation but for the future of mankind and all living things on the planet.

It is interesting to note that the majority of people believe in climate change but don’t want to talk about it. It has become this weird polarized topic. But by continually talking about and showing the facts about climate change, it should help change peoples minds and show them that this is solvable problem with solutions that will greatly increase the standard of living.

You can see and use the full interactive map here.

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