We are dedicated to helping our planet and all of Earth’s inhabitants. Through collaborative partnerships, we support innovative projects that:

Clean, restore and beautify Earth’s wonderful landscapes (beach and roadway clean ups, carbon sequestering through tree planting projects, marine life restoration and city wide recycling events)

Promoting climate change awareness and the importance of conservation and sustainable community practices through journalism and our SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS.

Support local and long distance artisans through our store. Each purchase / donation plants 5 trees on behalf of the purchaser and sends school/hygiene packs to under privileged families.

Greenism is currently researching and developing a way to help clean and purify the air in Los Angeles , CA by using electrostatic precipitation technology. As we get further into our development; more information about this project will be made available.

You will also be kept up to date on where your donation is going and exactly how it is being used to help make our world a better place.

With your help we can fight climate change and world pollution. Consider Donating today; your donations help us continue the important work that we do!